Among all the ballroom dances the Rumba is filled with the deepest emotion and its music is characterised by a slow and dreamy tempo. No wonder it was originally a wedding dance! The Rumba is danced in 4/4 time to 23-25 measures per minute, or 92-100 beats per minute. Traditionally, Rumba has been danced as fast as 27-28 measures per minute. Here are a few examples and a favourite (link below). This Rumba music collection is useful for dancing or to simply create a calming, romantic atmosphere. Enjoy and dance away!

Slow Rumba, by Mario Berger
Ring my Bells, by Enrique Iglesias
Peña, by Federico Aubelle
Light my Fire, by Will Young
Ilumbarada Eja, by Voice of Africa
Don’t Know Why, by Norah Jones
California Dreaming, by Jose Feliciano
Paxi Ni Ngongo, by Bonga
Te Quiero, by Mestizzo
Emotions, by Destiny’s Child

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