Ballroom Dance Group Classes: Schedule & Registration

Live 4 Dancing’s structured class programme teaches a wide range of Ballroom & Latin styles, developing artistic and life skills which are important for children’s development. Such skills include coordination, correct posture, strength, flexibility, improved self-confidence and body image, teamwork, and discipline. We frequently assess each child’s ability and modify the class level as needed. This results in progressive and productive learning for your child.  

Please note that if the course start date has already passed, you may still be able to join. Contact us to discuss the most appropriate time for you to join a class.

Class Preparation

Children should bring a bottle of water with them in class. 

Children under 8 should have an adult on-site to accompany them to the toilet. The instructor cannot accompany children to the toilet during the class. 

Dress code

Kids Ballroom dance shoes and uniform should be worn in class. Please ask the instructor for advice regarding the class dress code. For girls, hair should be worn away from the face in a bun, ponytail or braid. 

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