Are you looking for a way to bond more with your other half?

Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of learning to Ballroom dance?

Looking for way to relieve everyday work stress?

We have a passion for helping people like you!

Our dance lessons incorporate routines and learning plans that are created with your individual goals in mind and will helpyou reach different goals, making you feel confident on the dance floor. Adult Ballroom Dance Lessons can be taken individually or with a dance partner.

You learn to Ballroom dance in an encouraging environment and with the teacher’s full support and attention. We teach the following dances: the Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, and Quickstep in Ballroom and Cha cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive and Paso Doble in Latin. We also teach Salsa and Bachata. The choice is yours!

Those who already have dance experience but wish to aim higher are also encouranged to progress as far as they wish to in their dancing and are tutored under our established ISTD syllabus in Ballroom, Latin, Salsa and Bachata.

Our adult Ballroom dance lessons take place at your preferred studio venue.



  • 4 x 60min private lessons
  • Bespoke learning plan
  • Priority over lesson bookings



  • 8 x 60 min private lessons
  • Bespoke learning plan
  • Priority over lesson bookings



  • 10 x 60min private lessons
  • Bespoke learning plan
  • Complimentary dance gift!
  • Priority over lesson bookings


Dress code for Adult Ballroom Dance Lessons

Smart casual clothing and Ballroom & Latin dance shoes. If you are a beginner, normal shoes (with leather sole) are recommended. No trainers, boots or high heels. Small (cuban) heel for ladies is most suitable but flat shoes are acceptable too. Ballroom dance shoes and dance wear can be purchased from our online dance store.

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