Ballroom Dance Inspiration.

Ballroom, Latin, and Social dance can develop children into well-rounded young adults, giving them skills which they can use in their life and career. Here are just a few of the benefits of this fun and popular activity:

The crisp, precise movements of ballroom dance encourage proper body alignment and balance, all while providing an excellent cardio workout.
Regular lessons and practice take the child to whole new levels: improving posture, grace, flexibility, strength, stamina and range of motion. Professional dancers are some of the strongest, most athletic people in the world and even pro athletes include dance in their training!


Ballroom & Latin dance is a social activity! A child who is shy can emerge from their shell as they learn to express themselves through dance.
Many dancers also describe a feeling of ‘being in their own world’ when they dance, which can help with fear of public performance or speaking. In addition to all of these advantages, young ballroom dancers also learn trust, teamwork and co-operation.

Mastering simple dance steps and fundamentals puts children on the track to success, both in dance and other parts of their lives. Regular ballroom dance lessons build discipline and respect in the student, two things that are essential in school, sport or any pursuit.


Accomplishing a simple series of moves to music can provide immediate gratification and quickly build personal pride.Growing up is full of challenges. At times, children can feel uncomfortable in their own skin or unable to express themselves. Such problems can hinge on or worsen a child’s lack of self-esteem, leaving a parent feel helpless. If that sounds familiar, why not consider enrolling your child in ballroom dance? Improved poise and athleticism, new friends, confidence– all boost the confidence of a ballroom dancer. Ballroom dance also provides the student with a form of expression that they might not otherwise have.


Dance can be taken as a healthy, fun hobby but can also open a career path for your child.
There are numerous professions in dance from dancing, teaching, choreography. In addition to this, people work in the dance industry as; community dance practitioners, promoters, producers, designers, publicists, technicians, physiotherapists, medical and alternative practitioners, therapists, writers and academics.

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